10 tips for new bands

1.   Choose the sound or style you want to play

When you know what kind of music you want to play, you can find other musicians who also like this style. One of the most common mistakes for bands is to start without a music style and play whatever they like. In case of multiple bandmembers with different musical preferences, this can lead to a wide range of styles. Finding a style before asking bandmembers can help avoiding this.

2.   Find the right band members

Now you know what style you’re going to play, you can think about the instruments you want to add. For example, if you play guitar you may be looking for a drummer, bass player and a vocalist. Or maybe you are a vocalist and want to collaborate with a DJ. Nowadays all combinations are possible so it’s good to know what you would like.

When you’re looking for band members it’s also a good idea to think about the reason you want to start a band. Are you planning to become a musician to earn your living or to spend more time with your musician friends? For both options, all bandmembers should be on the same page. Select your future band members according to this.

Now you know what to look for, see if you know people that match your profile, spread the word to the people around you so they can help you finding a match.


3.   The right rehearsal space

Maybe one of the bandmembers has the space to start practicing, this could be an affordable way to start.  For example, if you could start in a garage then make sure to agree on this with your neighbors, so they don’t get surprised when you start playing their maybe not so favorite songs!

Another option is to find a public rehearsal room that you can rent. In most places’ rehearsal spaces are easy to find online. Also, you can try your local bar to make an agreement. Some bars will give you some rehearsing space when you order some drinks and do a free gig ones a year.


4.   Come up with a band name

A band name is a challenge for all bandmembers. Organize a brainstorm session or talk about names in between rehearsals. When you think of a good name, don’t forget to do a background check.

–       Is the web domain available in case you want a website?

–       What do you find what you google this name and is this in line with the message you want to send out to people?

–       How good is this name for social media?

–       Can people understand/remember your name?

Most important: talk to people about it and see how they respond. If you all like it, take it!


5.   Set up your band like a business

Organize your band like it’s a business. To start: everyone in the band has a task to improve the business. You could have the following task:

–       Band leader (makes end decisions for the band and is responsible for the organization)

–       Musical leader (is responsible for the creative process, makes/chooses and/or prepares the music and scores)

–       Marketing manager (is responsible for the band promotion, for example on social media)

Booking manager (receives and manages the incoming bookings)